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The Magic Salad Dressing That Is Supposed To Put You In Labor

All of you expectant mama’s that are at your due date and are sooooooooo ready to have and that baby of yours will just LOVE me for this post!!!!

My client/friend just trekked all the way over to studio city to get the magic maternity salad. According to many women this salad helps put you into labor. Her best friend tried it last week and within 24 hours BOOM … labor had started!! Coincidence …… maybe. But I say worth a shot. It’s not really the salad, but the magic labor inducing dressing that's on it that gets things moving and you will never hear me tell you not to eat a salad whenever possible. :-)

For more info -

Caioti Pizza Cafe

4346 Tujunga Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: (818) 761-3588

Lori Bregman

The Integrative Birth Collective

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