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The Collective

Although we work independently, we do provide coverage for one another in the case of  concurrent births. We will also refer our

clients to other doulas within the collective, as individual expertise is needed or if we are unavailable for your desired date.


Discover more about us below, see who you resonate with, and then drop us a line. We look forward to connecting with you.

Lori Bregman

Lori is creator of the popular blog Rooted For Life as well as the founder of Rooted for Life Pregnancy Coaching Program, a complete body, mind and spirit support system that helps women through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and into new mommyhood.


As a birth doula, Healer, and life/fertility/pregnancy/new mom coach, Lori has over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their lives. Throughout her career, Lori has studied with and learned from some of the most renowned healers and spiritual teachers across the world. These teachers have shared with her their wisdom, from spirituality, intuition, body/mind awareness, herbs/vitamins, aromatherapy oils , meditation and the healing power of foods to doula work, bodywork, breath work, yoga, and numerous other forms of holistic healing.


She has always been especially drawn to working with pregnant woman and new mothers, and geared much of her learning toward pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Today she has built a thriving career based on her passion for fostering healthy moms and healthy babies.


Contact: / 310.429.0254

Erica Chidi

Erica is a Maternity Support Specialist. In her capacity as a birth and postpartum doula, certified lactation educator and chef, Erica seamlessly guides expectant parents through their pregnancy, labor and into the postpartum period. Erica's intuitive and gentle approach, coupled with her expertise, helps them to easily transition into parenthood with support and confidence.


In 2013, she founded The Mama Circle, an educational series for expectant mamas, centered around a farm to table lunch, featuring leaders from the birth and wellness community.


Erica has a B.A. in Media and Communications from the University Of Cape Town. She received her lactation educator certification from the University of San Diego Extension and completed both her birth and postpartum doula training in San Francisco, California through Natural Resources and Cornerstone Doula Trainings. She also has a diploma in the Culinary Arts from City and Guilds of London Institute.


Contact: / 415.987.1508

Aria Mayland

Aria is a D.O.N.A Certified Birth Doula and a Yoga Alliance Registered Experienced Teacher with a Prenatal Specialty. 


As a former award-winning body builder, Aria honors the importance of treating the body with respect and working intelligently, so as to avoid injuries. Her passion is empowering people through movement, breath, and connection to their bodies. She has helped celebrities and regular moms alike prepare for birth with Prenatal Yoga and Birth Meditations, and recover from birth with Postnatal Rehabilitation. In a private yoga setting, Aria offers Therapeutic and Core Strengthening Yoga, especially helpful for injuries and chronic health conditions. In her public classes, Aria combines strong alignment principles with Core Strengthening Vinyasa Flow. Her classes often include inversions, arm balances and backbends. Aria believe that our bodies possess an intuitive intelligence and an energy that makes all things possible. She honors yoga as a pathway to awaken the state of all things possible.


As a birth doula, Aria provides individualized physical and emotional support to help create an empowering birth experience. Her birth packages vary according to her client's needs, but all include prenatal and postnatal support. She offers unlimited phone support and continuous labor support for all her clients. She supports all birth choices. What matters most is not how her client chooses to birth, but rather, that the client feels safe, comfortable and empowered by her choices. Aria also offers free prenatal meditations online. Subscribe to ariadreams on iTunes.


Contact: / 310.403.4438

Carmen Thomas-Paris

Carmen is a birth and postpartum doula, childbirth educator, massage therapist, and prenatal/postpartum and family  yoga teacher in Los Angeles.


Before having children, Carmen was an in-demand actress with numerous stage, film, and  television credits to her name. For five years she played Hilary Wilson Georgia Martin Wallingford on ABC-TV's All My Children, a role which she created.


It was during a guest starring role on NBC's ER as a distraught delivering mama that Carmen had an epiphany that would draw her into the world of childbirth education. Contrasting between the show's sensationalist portrayal a terrified mother in a hospital birth setting and her own experience giving birth at home, Carmen recognized that the traumatic images of birth so often portrayed in mainstream media disempowers mothers and feeds a perpetual cycle of fear around childbirth.

Carmen saw then that part of her calling would be to give a voice to debunking such images and providing a counternarrative to the portrayal of birth as a horror-show scenario.


Carmen is now an advocate for families who choose a hospital birth and an educator  who informs couples of options they have during the prenatal stages so they can make the choices that are right for them and their babies.


While trauma can occur during childbirth, it can be processed for mama and baby in a compassionate manner that is geared toward healing and bodily release of traumatic scars. Carmen utilizes the tools of massage therapy and yoga with different modalities to customize an experience for each mama her family.   To see a recent interview with Carmen visit the Videos page under Press or click here.


Contact: / 310-569-6428

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