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I’m Birth Ball CRAZY!!!!!! Ways to use the birth ball during pregnancy, birth & after

Anyone who I have taken through labor (especially lately) knows that I am BIRTH BALL CRAZY for using during labor, pregnancy and after.

Using a birth ball (a large exercise ball) has so many benefits! It opens and creates space in the pelvis, allows your baby to drop down. Birth balls help to speed up dilation, effacement and the process of labor, helps relieve back, hip and pelvic pain. After birth they are awesome to soothe your baby by sitting and bouncing on them and to stretch out your chest, shoulders and back out on from breastfeeding as well as to do core conditioning with.

*These moves can all be done throughout pregnancy to help relieve lower back and pelvic pain, in birth to help you labor more efficiently and after to recover.

The other day while I was prepping my adorable client Shelton for birth I snapped a few pics of her grooving on the birth ball to show you all some moves.

For a step by step guide with pictures:

BOUNCING ON THE BALL – Sit and bounce up and down (This is one of my tricks I use to help get labor started and going).

ROCKING SIDE TO SIDE – Sitting on the ball With your legs spread wide slowly rock your hips from right to left.

ROCKING FORWARD AND BACK - Sitting on the ball, legs spread far apart, placing your hands on your hips or wherever you find comfortable and begin to sway your hips rocking from front the back.

HIP CIRCLES – (my favorite) Sitting on the ball with your legs apart begin to circle your hips to the left a few times then switch directions by circling your hips to the right.

FIGURE 8′S – Sitting on the ball , legs apart start rolling your hips to make figure 8′s. Starting by moving to the left a few times then switch directions to the right.

SUPPORTED CHILDS POSE ON BIRTH BALL - (This is great for helping baby get into the right position and just feels good) kneeling hips distance apart drape your upper body over the birth ball and either hang here and relax or rock your hips from side to side.

SQUATTING - Do you want to get the baby down? Then squat away!!!

1. Place your ball against a wall , open your legs and come into a squatting position leaning back on the ball for support – Take a deep breath thru your nose into your pelvic area. Exhale thru your mouth, breathing out the sensation of the contraction, relaxing and letting go of any tension in your pelvic floor as your cervix opens and baby drops.

2. Have your partner sit on the birth ball – Sit in-between their legs and squat down using their legs and the ball for support. (this Is great because I can massage the birthing mama’s head and shoulders while in the position)

3 . Simple squat leaning on ball – With your legs apart come into a squat. Holding and lean on the ball in front of you.

SITTING ON BALL RELAXING ON STACK OF PILLOWS – I love this in labor because you are in an upright relaxed position and your partner or doula can massage your back.

BOUNCING YOUR BABY - After your baby is born this is an amazing soothing tool!!! Sit on your ball holding your baby in your arms and bounce up and down and rock side to side. Your baby will LOVE!!

BACKBEND OVER BALL - FABULOUS for opening the front of your body. Don’t do for a while if you have had a c- section. I love this stretch for breastfeeding.

Lori Bregman

The Integrative Birth Collective

© 2016 by Integrative Birth Collective.

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