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Energetically Connecting & Sending Love To Your Unborn Baby

The book True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto demonstrates the energetic power of our thoughts and feelings with water. I found it fascinating when someone thought or felt love, happiness and gratitude towards someone or something it makes a beautiful shape in the water and when someone thought or felt fear, anger or hatred its shape becomes ugly and deformed. I think about this often when I think of creating a healthy loving environment for pregnancy. After all, the entire fetus is in a sac of fluid.

A little something I have all my pregnant clients do daily is to connect in with their growing baby and do the following.

Every day no matter what is going on in your life carve out a few minutes to sit quietly. With your eyes closed place your hands on your belly and begin to breath slowly into your baby. Begin taking 3 slow deep breaths in and 3 slow deep breaths out. You can begin to add the word and feelings of love on the in breath and exhale out any stress, inhale peace exhale out any worries or fear, inhale joy and happiness exhale out any sadness. Do this a few times until you start feeling calm.

Start to connect with and acknowledge your baby. Talk to it either out loud or in your mind. You can talk about anything, your day, how excited you are to meet and be pregnant with them, about all the things you cant wait to do with them, about how loved and wanted they are, if you are stressed you can tell them why and reassure them that it has nothing to do with them. Have your partner, other children and friends do it too. Like I wrote about above, when people think or feel good thoughts towards something it has an energetic effect .

Visualize, imagine and feel what it will be like to holding them in your arms , playing with them and loving them .

Keeping your eyes closed and still feeling and breathing into your belly/baby, imagine what they might look like or be like, can you sense what kind of energy they might have? As you are connecting with your baby ask if it needs anything from you. Be open to what comes, play with the answer and try doing the message that you receive.

Your hands have healing energy. While rubbing your belly imagine healing light or energy coming out from them, send energy from your hands into your baby. (Whenever I work on client I touch their belly, the baby always moves towards my hands). You can also place your right hand on your baby and your left hand on your heart. Think about the things you are grateful for, the love you feel and the love towards this baby send it from your heart to your baby.

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