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Look Into Your New Born's Eyes After Birth, It Is The Closest You Will Ever See Their Soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I must say I totally agree. After years of helping couples birth their children, I am always so blown away when I look into their new baby’s eyes as they first transition to life in this world. I see something deeper then just their eyes; I am looking straight into their soul. It gives me chills just writing about it!!!

We all have full access to this magical window where you will see this little being in all their purity , light and depth. When I prep someone for birth, I always plant the seed about looking into their baby’s eyes when they are first born. Your baby will be the most awake right after birth for those first few hours than they will be for the weeks that follow. It is in this time that they imprint with us. Looking into their eyes will not only allow you to really “SEE ” them but will also help facilitate the imprinting, intimacy and bonding process.

A little something to think about when you birth your baby... skin to skin immediately, looking into your baby’s eyes and talking lovingly to them will help them gently transition into this world with ease.

Lori Bregman

The Integrative Birth Collective

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