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Fertility Candle Ritual - Calling In Your Baby

When you loose all hope and faith sometimes you just need to dream, add little magic and playfulness to help shift the energy. – Lori Bregman

I have done this ritual with quite a few people that were going through a hard time with the fertility process. I normally wouldn’t do this because it’s a little out there, but each time something went off inside my head that said reconnect them with the magic to help find their faith and trust again. The last few people I did this with, one of them just had twin boys, the other is about to have a baby any day, and another is having a baby girl November. All of them struggled with fertility for years.

I have worked with countless women throughout the years that are trying to get pregnant. Month after month of trying to conceive and it not happening can wear on your psyche in such a big way. There is nothing more frustrating then wanting and hoping for something so badly and your body not doing what it’s being asked to do. It can wreak havoc on your self esteem and like a domino effect crumble all your hopes, dreams and desires making you loose hope and faith in the process.

For years my girlfriends and I have done new moon rituals. You can do this fertility ritual anytime, but it is more powerful when you set intentions on the new moon as it is said to magnify the results.


-A quiet space

-1 tall white candle in glass

-Pictures or photographs of babies , family anything that represents the life you want to bring in .

- Oil of rose or jasmine (for the heart area and love ) , orange and yang yang ( for second chakra – reproductive area )


- Any object like a crystal for fertility ( moonstone or carnelian ) , photo of a guru or religious person or deity , even a piece of baby clothing .


Sit in a comfortable postition some place quiet where you won’t be disturbed . Start to slowly breathe into your heart area thru your nose the feeling of love . Exhale out of your mouth slowly any sadness or depression you might be feeling . Inhale slowly thru your nose the feeling of hope and faith exhale out any negative thoughts ,something that you might of herd or read or anything someone said to you that is causing you to loss hope . Inhale the feeling of peace and calm exhale slowly thru the mouth and fear , anxiety or worry . keep doing this until you start feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Begin to see yourself with your baby. Loving that child up and what I would be like for you and your partner together with this baby . See and more importantly feel your life with this child .Notice how you feel being their mother , having them in your arms …. name that feeling and breathe that feeling into your heart and exhale anything out that might be blocking you or that needs to go . keep repeating letting this feeling become you as you keep letting go of disappointment , sadness or maybe something negative someone might have said to you.

See your baby in your arms and from this loving place in your heart telepathically talk to them . Telling them ( as you are feeling this energy ) how much you can’t wait to be their mother , show them what their life with you will be like , let them know you are ready for them to COME HOME TO YOU NOW . that you are open and ready to receive them and you can’t wait to hold them in your arms . Show them all you have been doing to prepare and ask if they need anything from you ? You might hear something or you might not .One of my clients herd that their baby needed peace ( and she was in the middle of a stressful situation ) so she started doing things to relax and would talk to him and show him what she was doing to have more peace and calm in her life .. 2 months later she was pregnant . Keep talking as long as you need out loud or telepathically and end it with COME HOME TO ME NOW I am open and fully ready to receive you into my heart and into my life.

After feeling the kind of life you wish to have and bring this child into start cutting out pictures of couples , families , babies and glue them on to your candle or on a large piece of paper . put pictures of you , your partner, dog , parents, places you love or whatever you want on there.

If there are objects that help hold a space and represent what you wish to manifest place them around the candle or sheet of paper. ( crystals , goddesses , baby clothes ) like you are making a baby alter.

Place a few drops of whatever oil you choose in candle and light it. Let it burn all the way out . Don’t blow it out. If you leave the house put the candle in the bathtub or sink.

Let the universe do the rest, be open, trust the timing, the process and receive the magic.

One thing you can start to do is to live your life as if you already were pregnant as things happen first energetically before they happen on the physical plane. Eat healthy, cut out toxic food and products, de -stress, if you are tired rest, if you aren’t moving your body enough, move it … If you were pregnant what would you be doing differently or how would you be living other then the way you are now?

The Integrative Birth Collective

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