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Elizabeth Street: Guess Who Molly Sims Relied on During Her Entire Pregnancy?

When she was expecting her little boy, Brooks, Molly consulted with Hollywood’s most sought-after fertility, pregnancy and birth coach, Lori Bregman, and her program, Rooted For Life. “She took me through my whole pregnancy..."


Well Rounded NY: Aromatherapy In Labor

Maternity Support Specialist Erica Chidi shares the 7 essential oils that will ease your labor pains, and a DIY labor oil for the big day.


Stroller Traffic: Some Help For First-Timers

Babytalk's new crash course for expecting parents.


Fit Pregnancy: Southern Belle

What actress and model Molly Sims learned from her own mom about being a mother. Plus, go behind-the-scenes with Molly at our June/July cover shoot!


Modern Mom: Be a Healthier Mom for Healthier Kids

Each month, I give my clients a monthly theme: something to work on, think about, and practice doing to help them prepare themselves as mothers for the birthing of their children.


US Magazine: Molly Sims' Secret to Avoiding Pregnancy Stretchmarks

Sims, who tied the knot with her beau Scott Stuber in September, is a follower of Lori Bregman's Rooted For Life program, a holistic approach to pregnancy and motherhood.


Lilsugar: Molly Sim's Approach to Preventing Stretch Marks is Internal

Molly Sims is following a diet rich in good-for-you fatty acids to improve her odds of avoiding them. Molly is a follower of Lori Bregman's Rooted For Life program, a holistic approach to pregnancy and motherhood.


LA Yoga: The Surgeon and The Yogi

Brought together by crisis, reunited by gratitude. The space between life and death is tenuous. No one knows, from one minute to the next, what might befall them.


MomAngeles: Parenting Classes and Consultants

MomAngeles Top Picks.


LA Yoga: Kombucha: Wonder Food or Dangerous Yeast?

Perhaps you've heard some of the astounding claims surrounding kombucha: it helps the body fight cancer, detoxifies and alkalizes the system and reduces cholesterol. Though relatively new in the States, kombucha’s Far Eastern folklore stretches back 2,000 years...


LA Yoga: The Gifts and Challenges of Empathy

Cultivate energy, boundaries and develop intuition.



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